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5 Fantastic Reasons to Buy at the Current Share Price Flipkart

Your concern about buying at the current Flipkart share price ends here. Flipkart, having nearly half of the ecommerce market share in India and with a 21% rise in users, is still the top contender to Amazon and others. The over 400 million registered users across India buy millions of products, making India the ecommerce leader for Walmart to buy its 77% stake for a whopping one lakh crore in 2018. Flipkart started in 2007 in Bangalore as a small e-commerce startup to deliver books to customers’ doorsteps, revolutionising digital online buying in India. After many fundraisings and acquisitions over the last 16 years, Flipkart’s stock price has continuously increased.  In less than a year, from 2023 to 2024,  share price Flipkart doubled from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 for many reasons, including the upcoming IPO and others. 

So, check out the many reasons for the rapid rise in Flipkart’s share price to  buy  from the top broker to get a high ROI or return on investment, which is not only a wise decision but also safe. 

Five reasons why there is a rapid rise in the Flipkart stock price

It is not without reason that a humble online store selling books and delivering them to doorsteps through scooters became the top ecommerce company in India with thousands and thousands of crores in sales and revenue. Also, there has been a lot of hard work over the past one and a half decades to transform a small online store to get acquired by the world’s largest retail chain, Walmart, for a whopping 16 billion dollars. And the following are a few reasons for the rapid rise of the Flipkart share price from Rs. 10,000 to around Rs. 20,000 in less than a year. 

1.     From executing 5 orders per day, Flipkart became the ecommerce market leader to execute thousands of orders every day to sell and deliver millions of products to its huge base of registered users across India

2.     Continuous rise of funds from 5,000 dollars in 2009 from Accel India to 1 billion dollars from  Morgan Stanley, Tiger Global, and others in 2014 to 16 billion dollars by Walmart to acquire 77% in 2018 helped Flipkart to expand business exponentially

3.     A long list of acquisitions by Flipkart, starting from Mime in 2011 to Flyte in 2012, PhonePe, Myntra, etc. in 2014, eBay India in 2017, Cleartrip in 2021, and so on, helped to be the market leader in ecommerce industry in India

4.    Blinket, a subsidiary of Flipkart, is capturing the quick commerce market by executing over 6 lakh orders a day to outsmart its competitors like Swiggy’s Instamart and Zepto, processing only 5 lakh orders

5.     Walmart, after acquiring Flipkart in 2018 for a massive 1 lakh crore rupees, planned for IPO in the US markets in 2020 and also to come out in India soon

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