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Poet Vladlen Podolian at ANAS Kari Art Cafe on 16.12.23

Ratiani I.  In the evening of 16 December 2023, the famous writer Vladlen Podolian presented his new people “People” to the audience. The event attracted a lovely audience of literary lovers, critics and art fans.

ANAS Kari Café on Toneli Street was a place for a unique combination of visual and artistic art.

Vladlen Podolyan, who is known for his deep research into human existence, appeared on the stage. “People” “describes beings who resonate with everyone.

Many attendees shared their experiences, noting how they had touched their lives and reflected. The leader of the evening’s premiere was the performance in the lively conversations that followed, where many shared opinions and memories inspired by Podolian’s poems.

Anas kari art cafe provides a platform for both established and emerging artists to express their art. The event highlighted the cafe’s role as a cultural center that promotes dialogue and creativity within the community. The atmosphere of Tbilisi and the reason for creating a thoughtful design of the space contributed to the evening.

The event opens Anas kari art cafe to future literary gatherings. It draws a line between poetry and art making, dangerous connection and deep analysis. For Vladlen Podolyan, this evening was another step in an outstanding career. Ratiani I.

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