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How to make dora backpack

Creating a Dora the Explorer backpack for a costume or as a fun craft project is a creative and enjoyable activity. Here’s how you can make a simple Dora backpack:

Materials You’ll Need:

  • A small or medium-sized purple backpack (preferably plain without designs)
  • Purple, pink, and orange craft foam sheets
  • Craft glue or a hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Black marker or pen
  • Velcro strips (optional)
  • Dora the Explorer image for reference (printed or drawn)


  1. Prepare Your Backpack:
    • Start with a plain purple backpack. If your backpack has any existing designs or logos, you can cover them with purple fabric or craft foam.
  2. Cut Out Dora’s Face:
    • Find a picture of Dora the Explorer’s face online or in a coloring book to use as a reference.
    • On a pink craft foam sheet, draw and cut out Dora’s face shape. Be sure to include her eyes, nose, mouth, and large eyes with black pupils.
    • Use a black marker or pen to add details like Dora’s eyelashes and eyebrows.
  3. Cut Out Dora’s Backpack Shape:
    • On an orange craft foam sheet, draw and cut out the shape of Dora’s backpack. This should be a rectangular shape with rounded corners.
    • Create two small orange rectangles to serve as the backpack’s front pockets.
  4. Assemble Dora’s Face:
    • Glue Dora’s face onto the front of your purple backpack. Ensure that it’s centered and securely attached.
  5. Assemble Dora’s Backpack:
    • Attach the orange rectangular backpack shape to the top half of the backpack, just above Dora’s face.
    • Add the small orange rectangles to the bottom corners of the backpack shape as front pockets.
  6. Add Straps:
    • If your backpack has adjustable straps, you can use purple craft foam to cover them or create your own craft foam straps.
    • Secure the straps to the backpack using craft glue or a hot glue gun.
  7. Detailing:
    • Add any additional details, like purple craft foam straps or small decorations, as needed to match Dora’s backpack.
  8. Optional Velcro Closure:
    • If your backpack has a flap or lid, you can attach small Velcro strips to create a functional closure.
  9. Let It Dry:
    • Allow your Dora backpack to dry thoroughly. This may take some time, especially if you’ve used craft glue.
  10. Wear and Enjoy:
    • Once everything is dry and secure, your Dora the Explorer backpack is ready to wear and enjoy.

This DIY Dora backpack is perfect for costume parties, playtime, or as a creative craft project. Adjust the size and details as needed based on the size of your backpack and your personal preferences.

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